Transition – FAQs

How much is the Uniform?

The Uniform is free! We provide every Year 7 pupil with a uniform bundle including full PE kit. We think it’s a great offer!

How will my child know where to go on the first day?

Plenty of staff will be on hand to meet your child outside the school and direct them to the appropriate place. Our Year 7 form tutors will also be there to escort students.  We have traditionally brought Year 7 into school for a part day before the rest of the school return – it is likely that we will follow this model again in 2024.

My child has additional needs. What extra help will they get?

Inclusion is a core value at De Warenne Academy, and we have very high expectations of all our students, whatever their additional needs. Our SENCO will meet with the SENCO of your child’s primary school to make sure that we understand your child’s individual needs and to plan for any support that needs to be put in place to allow your child to access a full and varied curriculum.

Will I be in the same tutor group as my friends?

We try to put people in a tutor group with people some of their friends but likely not all of them. We do not want you to feel isolated, so we ask your Year 6 teachers who you get on with. We use that information to help us put together the form groups. When you are at secondary school you have lots of different lessons in different teaching groups so you will meet lots of new people and make lots of new friends too.

What if I am the only person from my Primary School that is going to De Warenne?

This often happens so don’t worry.  We find that children quickly make new friends at school and your form tutor will look after you and check that everything is going well for you.

Is the work really difficult?

No. The work at secondary school is a continuation of what you have been learning at Primary. Some of the learning will be a recap of work you have already done at Primary. The teachers have planned the curriculum to build upon your learning at Primary so that it is both accessible but also gives you the right level of challenge.

Is it true that secondary school teachers are really strict?

No. We have high standards at De Warenne and expect students to behave really well and wear their uniform correctly. The main difference at secondary school is that you will have a lot more teachers because you have specialist teachers for each subject. You will find that we have consistently high expectations for behaviour, attitude and work.

What are detentions given for?

Detentions are given for people that do not follow the rules within school. These take place at the end of the school day. The vast majority of our students do not get detentions and visitors to De Warenne often comment on how well-behaved students are within school.

How much homework will I get?

This really depends on the teacher and the subject. Your teachers know the appropriate amount to set you in Year 7. You will write all homework in your planner, and you will always be told how long to spend on the homework and when it is due in.

Who do I go to if I have a problem at De Warenne?

Your tutor is the first person you should speak to if you have any issues at school. You also have a Learning Manager who is solely responsible for your year group. We also have members of staff responsible for safeguarding in school who are able to help you with your worries, concerns or moments of crisis.

How does lunch time work?

The Delta Diner has three lunch serving times. Year 7 have their lunch by themselves which is at 12:30. There is a large selection of foods prepared at breaktime and lunch. Bacon sandwiches, toast and bagels are prepared on a daily basis at breaktime. There is always a hot dinner prepared everyday along with sandwiches and desserts.

What are the rules on mobile phones?

Students are not encouraged to have mobile phones in school. Students are not allowed to use their phones from the moment they cross the blue line at the gate.  If students are bringing their phones, it must be switched off and in their bag, until they leave at the end of the day.

Do I need to bring in lunch money?

We operate a cashless system. Children all have an account and parents will pre-load this account with credit, so you don’t need money to buy your school lunch. You pay for your school lunch through this account through your fingerprint. You will be shown how all of this works as part of your induction into the school.

Where are the toilets?

This is a very popular question. You will be given a tour on your first day of school and you will be shown where all of the toilets are. We pride ourselves on the standard of our facilities, they are regularly cleaned and are always in fantastic condition. 

What if I get stuck doing work?

Your teacher and form tutor are always there to help you. If you are stuck with something in class or with your home learning you can speak to your teacher or tutor and ask them to explain it again. Your fellow students are also on hand so do not forget to ask them too.