Student Leadership

Rewards and Recognition 

At De Warenne Academy we believe that the amount of effort an individual makes has a direct impact on achievement in all walks of life. We recognise all positive contributions to academy life and reward pupils on a daily, weekly and termly basis.

There are many ways in which we reward our pupils that all contribute towards their overall effort score. These include;

Effort Points

These are awarded for a variety of reasons including excellent contributions in class or tutor time, resilience, homework or exceptional effort with a piece of work. These effort points may also be followed up with a positive phone call home or a praise postcard.

Above and Beyond Stickers

We recognise when a pupil goes ‘above and beyond’ what is normally expected using a special sticker that is held by all teaching and support staff. These rewards are reserved for pupils who demonstrate truly outstanding effort. A sticker is placed in the pupil planner which allows them to share their amazing achievement with parents and carers and their form tutor at the weekly recognition tutor session. These stickers are worth 5 effort points.

Feelgood Friday

Every day students show their planner on the Blue Line into the Academy. But, every Friday we celebrate the successes of the week, by allowing students to show the rewards they have gained that week – above and beyond stickers; sparx stickers; attendance stickers. 

We celebrate with them to give each Friday a positive feel and prepare for more success in the next week!’

Proud Thursday

We encourage our pupils to present all their work to the best of their ability. When a pupil produces a beautiful piece of work they are rewarded with a ‘Proud’ sticker. This work is taken to the dining hall during Wednesday or Thursday Lunch where a member of the Senior Leadership Team will get the chance to see the work and reward the pupil with a certificate, some sweets and 5 effort points! 


All of our rewards allow pupils to accrue effort points which are used to decide which pupils can attend our termly trips and events. We have previously visited amazing venues like Alton Towers, The Yorkshire Wildlife Park, Doncaster Dome and Vue Cinema. We have also held McDonald’s lunches and disco/bingo sessions to reward 100% attendance.

This year we held a fantastic ‘Wild West’ event for Year 11. A list of ‘Wanted’ Year 11 pupils were targeted with improving their exam grades. In order to receive their ‘Delta Dollar’ to gain entry to the event, all Year 11 pupils had to put in the effort whilst the ‘Sheriff’ and her ‘deputies’ chased them down! Once the ‘outlaws’ had proved their worth, they received their Dollar.

At Christmas we also held Fezziwig’s Christmas party. Pupils had to earn their place by completing the 12 days of Christmas challenge. Once complete, pupils enjoyed music, food and other treats!

De Warenne Academy also brings the seaside to Conisbrough with a beach themed event with inflatables and other traditional seaside activities. Pupils need to get as many effort points as they can in order to book their sun lounger!

Academy Council

We encourage all our pupils to take an active role in their experience at De Warenne Academy. The Academy Council allows students to make an active and positive contribution to academy life, have their views heard and influence decisions which impact upon them.  To join the council pupils are expected to write a letter of application detailing what skills and qualities they can bring to the role. The selected council take part in weekly meetings where they discuss current issues and plan charity fundraising ideas. Last year the council overcame many issues including socially distanced and virtual meetings! They raised money for the royal British Legion, Leukaemia UK the NHS and the Childrens Air Ambulance totalling an impressive £1600.   The council play a pivotal role in the academy recruitment process where prospective new employees are subject to a tough panel interview with council members. The council allows pupils to develop skills and qualities such as communication, teamwork, resilience, debate and leadership. The next round of applications for the Academy Council will open soon and we look forward to reading the applications.