Curriculum Overview

We are excited to be launching a brand new, interactive curriculum timeline in soon.

In the mean time, you can view our curriculum information by navigating through the subject area.

Our curriculum: (Intent)

  • is carefully mapped against the national curriculum to ensure full coverage
  • consists of a three year Key Stage 3
  • clearly identifies what pupils should learn in each topic
  • includes lots of opportunities for pupils to develop their long term memory so they know more
  • is sequenced to enable pupils to build up their knowledge and skills over time
  • provides deep, sustained and valuable learning for all pupils, including those with SEND
  • provides opportunities to develop their reading ability, oracy skills and academic writing ability
  • promotes opportunities across the curriculum for the development of good student health and well being
  • recognises the importance of digital literacy and provides opportunities for the development of
  • equips pupils with the skills pupils need to function safely and responsibly in a technological world
  • provides a range of academic, technical and vocational courses which challenge, engage and motivate pupils
  • develops cultural capital across a wide range of contexts and experiences
  • ensures that all pupils make good progress irrespective of their starting point and those young people facing disadvantage are lifted from educational poverty

We recognise that to provide our young people with rich learning experiences in a range of contexts it is crucial to work in partnerships with others. Expertise often lies beyond the school and learning opportunities are regularly planned with partner organisations including, statutory and voluntary organisations as well as employers and charitable organisations.

Curriculum Flexibility

We currently allow our pupils to choose their options from a wide range of creative, vocational and academic subjects in Year 9 allowing them to personalise their learning and choose subjects which engage and enthuse them.

Pupils studying humanities plus a language continue their pathway into Year 11, whilst others can complement their academic studies in Year 11 with an additional option, providing an important creative outlet at a potentially stressful time in their academic career.   The benefit of this curriculum model is that it enables pupils to focus on fewer subjects at a time, developing resilience, ambition and supporting mental well-being. Pupils can access additional support where needed which is not available at home, and over the five years they can study a wide range of subjects, keeping their future career options open and supporting them into further employment, education or training.

The impact of this model on the most disadvantaged has been overwhelmingly positive, with disadvantaged pupils making more progress than “other” children in Doncaster in 2019 and closing the gap with national others to perform in the second quintile for disadvantaged nationally.

Promoting the EBacc

As the quality of teaching has improved so has the uptake of History or Geography plus French. This combination of subjects is offered to all pupils, regardless of ability and has grown in popularity. There are currently 41% of pupils in Year 11 following an EBacc pathway and this is an improving trend climbing to 48% in Year 10.

Supporting Individual Needs

The Bridge is a provision in the academy where pupils suffering from physical or mental health difficulties can be taught in a smaller setting. Pupils working in The Bridge follow their normal timetable and work is provided by their subject teachers.

The Personalised Learning Centre is a provision which supports pupils with behavioural, emotional and social difficulties. Pupils in the PLC also follow a broad curriculum but access more personal development opportunities in order to support their return to the mainstream setting.

We have seven learning support assistants and three Higher Level Teaching Assistants and are in receipt of inclusion funding from the local authority to provide additional staffing which enables pupils with SEND to follow a full curriculum pathway in a mainstream setting. 

Our Designated Safeguarding Leader provides pupils with access to a range of external agency support. School nurses visit every week and run drop in clinics, we also work with EPIC to pre-empt young offenders, Project 3 offers support with sexualised and/or drug taking behaviours. We also access and signpost support for Young Carers, Parenting and Family support, CAMHS and Doncaster Children’s Service Trust mentoring. We are part of the NHS Mental Health trailblazer project “With Me In Mind”.