We offer a range of after school clubs which are open to all pupils. Our performing arts club is extremely popular and produces two school productions each year. We have a STEM club, a wide range of sports clubs and activities before and after school, a cookery club and a creative writing group.

We offer a range of educational visits to places such as The Deep, Magna and Careers fairs, as well as rewards trips to venues chosen by the pupils. We have a residential to Homerton College, University of Cambridge for our most able Year 11 pupils and also encourage Year 10 to participate in university summer camps. We regularly run a ski trip to Austria and a cultural trip to Paris.

As an academy in an Opportunity Area we have also been able to access enrichment offers from external providers and ran Level 1 Dance Leaders and Level 1 Sport Leaders courses during holidays in the last academic year.

At De Warenne Academy we offer a wealth of extra-curricular activities available for students both during the school day and outside of their school day. These include; sport, shepherding and drama. 

Academy Council

The De Warenne Academy Council provides an opportunity for pupils to have their views heard and influence decisions made which impact upon them, their education and their community. They form an integral part of the communication between their peers and the Academy leadership team, allowing them to express and represent the views of each and every pupil. In addition, Academy Council representatives are empowered to take a leading role in organising a number of events throughout the academic year such as:

  • Fundraising for The Children’s Air Ambulance (The chosen charity for Delta Academies Trust)
  • Additional fundraising for community projects
  • Listening & recording students’ views and sharing these at meetings
  • Feeding back to the wider Academy progress from council meetings
  • Supporting and being involved in assemblies and presentations for pupils
  • Representing pupils as part of the interview panel for teacher & support staff recruitment
  • Representing the Academy at local events

This year the logistics of putting together a council have been challenged by the need to keep pupils and staff safe within the year group bubbles however, the council members have not been deterred!

All pupils have the opportunity at the beginning of each academic year to apply for a position on the Academy Council. Each application is supported by a reference from a member of staff and pupils are encouraged to apply from Year 7 through to Year 10 so that representation is inclusive. Year 11 are included in the communication process, however due to their final year commitments do not attend formal meetings.

This year due to current circumstances all applicants were set a challenge to further support their application. Applicants were tasked with taking ownership of The Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal Collection. They took responsibility for selling the poppies on a rota and collecting and returning collection boxes to the office. This initial challenge raised £330.

The current academy council is made up of 14 students both male and female and represented over the year groups. They meet each Tuesday at 2.30pm for one hour and discuss ideas for fundraising events and events that could support the community wellbeing. They are so committed that even during the lockdown weeks we meet online through Teams meetings and discuss ideas for the future.  In the Autumn term the Academy Council raised over £1600 in total for The Royal British Legion, Leukaemia UK, the NHS and the Children’s Air Ambulance.

Year 8 Pledges

The Year 8 Pledges Programme was launched in October 2020 and has been designed to encourage pupils to further their involvement with Academy life and the wider community, whilst working on key skills. 

The programme consists of 10 Pledges which pupils have multiple opportunities to complete throughout the academic year. Those who successfully complete 8 or more Pledges will be invited to a rewards day in the summer to celebrate their huge successes. 

Every pupil in Year 8 has a Pledge Passport. Once a pupil completes a Pledge, they will receive a stamp in their Pledge Passport. Students will then receive a bronze badge for achieving 3 Pledges, a silver badge for achieving 5 Pledges, and a gold badge for achieving 8 or more Pledges. 

The 10 Pledges include: 

Pledge 1: Regular attendance at an ’After Academy’ activity or club; 

Pledge 2: Represent the Academy in either a sporting, cultural, or academic event; 

Pledge 3: Take part in a residential experience; 

Pledge 4: Attend a national sporting, cultural event or performance at a major venue; 

Pledge 5: Take part in an Academy production or event either on stage, behind the scenes, or in an administrative capacity; 

Pledge 6: Take part in a formal presentation to an audience; 

Pledge 7: Be actively involved in an international experience either within the Academy, UK, or abroad; 

Pledge 8: Be actively involved in some sort of community experience, within or beyond the Academy; 

Pledge 9: Help plan, organise, or participate in a major fundraising event; 

Pledge 10: Contribute to the Academy. 

Whilst there are opportunities to complete some of these within lessons, the majority really require pupils to go that extra mile and show a further commitment to the Academy beyond the classroom. 

Pupils are actively encouraged to take part in the programme, as completing Pledges gives them additional opportunities to work on their transferrable skills which can then be utilised throughout their future. Taking part in a presentation to an audience, for example, gives pupils the opportunity to further enhance their confidence, whilst attending afterschool enrichment gives them the opportunity to develop new skills and talents. Many of the Pledges also link to various activities which regularly take place across the Academy; this year for example we have already seen many fundraising events take place which pupils were able to take part in, whilst also completing a Pledge. 


STEM club runs Monday afterschool (2.30 to 3.30pm) weekly for Year 7 pupils, providing exciting opportunities to complete practical challenges. The club is supported by a group of “Science Leaders” who are student volunteers interested looking to mentor and support other students in science. The club is extremely popular, so students must sign up in advance in order to attend the weekly session.

We have also recently received funding to support our students in attending more STEM careers and learning opportunities outside of the classroom. The department is aiming to host at least one opportunity a month, targeted at different groups across the school.

The club is run by Mr Cudine.

The Duke of Edinburgh Award

We’re super excited to announce that we are now able to offer our current Year 9’s the opportunity to take part in the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme.  This is a progressive scheme, recognised and valued by universities and employers, that allows students to develop the skills and attitudes to become more rounded, confident adults.  By taking part in the scheme, students will grow in self-confidence, resilience and initiative, improving their sense of responsibility, problem solving and team work skills.  

The award scheme is split into four areas, volunteering, skills, physical and expedition with students needing to complete all areas to achieve their award.  All students will currently start at Bronze level.

Parents/Carers & Students – For more information about the DofE Award, visit their website: