Transition – Academy Life

Rewards and Recognition

We strongly believe in rewarding positive behaviour and want every child to be their best. Pupils can earn effort points, above and beyond stickers and stickers for beautiful work. These are totalled up so that pupils can win a place at one of our many rewards events, which take place throughout the year. 

Tutor Groups

Each student is placed in a Form under the direction of a Tutor. The Tutor is responsible for monitoring the day-to-day well-being of students in their Form and for dealing with such matters as attendance, discipline, and welfare. Each year group has a Learning Manager. The relevant Learning Manager is the first person to contact if you have any concerns about progress, conduct or attendance. We encourage close communication between school and home. We believe that when parents and teachers work together, real achievement is possible. Progress Reports are sent home twice per year. Parents’ Evenings are scheduled during the year. Attendance at these events is always high.

Personal Development

Life at De Warenne Academy places social and personal development at the heart of its design, with group discussion, self-expression and the promotion of tolerance & respect towards the opinions of others assessed in each unit of work. Providing opportunities for pupils to develop confidence, resilience and knowledge to stay mentally and physically healthy are also included and developed in topics such as ‘Physical health and fitness’ and ‘Healthy relationships’.


At De Warenne, we know that not everything that is important in a school happens in a classroom or during the normal school day. That is why we enhance our normal curriculum with a full and varied enrichment programme and education outside the classroom experiences.The school day finishes at 2.30, giving us plenty of time to offer enrichment opportunities to students.
After school, PE is a strong feature of the school. Students take part in local competitions such at the Delta Games and School Games competitions, playing regular fixtures against other schools.