After a successful run at De Warenne Academy, Mary Poppins JR has delighted over 600 people. Sadly the wind has changed and Mary Poppins has now left but here’s the review.

The Banks family not only have problems in keeping hold of a nanny to look after Jane and Michael – but also have trouble in communicating with each other and being isolated from each other which is where Mary Poppins flies in to try and save the day with the help of a little magic and some special adventures.

But of course – it is the musical numbers and choreography that is a real strength of the production. Things such as the clever illusions for the Mary Poppins bag and the elegant playfulness of choreography for numbers such as ‘Jolly Holiday’ and ‘Step in Time’ were really joyful to watch – ensuring that the magic feels real no matter what age you are.

Making her leading role debut in the role of Mary Poppins, Rosie gives a warm and delicate performance – highlighting Mary’s prim and proper ways but never coming across as cold – there was certainly no hint of nerves on display. Her lovely vocals are a brilliant match for songs such as ‘Practically Perfect’ and ‘A Spoonful of Sugar’ – she is certainly one to watch out for in future West End shows. It is also Logan’s time to shine on stage as Bert – his cheeky and cheerful persona ideal for the character of Bert. There is also excellent support from Libby as the despairing Mrs Banks and Holly as the stiff and somewhat moody Mr Banks. Not to forget the show stopping Miss Andrew played by Holly H. The cast and crew were a triumph. 5/5 Stars.