It was a wet and cloudy morning on De Warenne results day but once again, students, parents and staff were celebrating record GCSE results. The sports hall was filled with smiles and tears of joy with students overcoming two years of disruption caused by the pandemic to significantly eclipse the progress made by students in 2019.

There were celebrations to be had in every single subject area with a significant number of those prestigious grade 9s across the board. Overall, 71% of students gained a grade 4 in both maths and English, and 59% achieved a grade 5 or above- the highest in De Warenne’s history.  60% of students achieved a grade 5 in maths and 74% in English and a massive 40% of our historians achieved a grade 7 or above!

Principal John Hall said “I knew this year group were special and trials told us how good they were going to be, but they’ve eclipsed all our expectations and I’m delighted with the outcomes. Students and staff have worked tirelessly and the results produced this year are so well deserved for everyone involved. This is, once again, a significant improvement on our last external exam window in 2019 and places us as one of the best schools in Doncaster. We are the highest performing local school again, and I’m incredibly proud of everyone involved in year 11s’ success”.