Creative Writing Club Success

As part of our weekly Creative Writing Club, students at De Warenne are given the opportunity to enter national writing competitions such as those hosted by Young Writers UK. One of these prompted students to write a ‘Ghost Story’ of up to 250 words. Using story ideas sparked by a visit with Penguin author Lisette Auton, we had four applicants whose work was chosen for publication in the Young Writers ‘Ghost Stories: Spine Chillers’ anthology. One of these, Lewis C Y9, was chosen as one of the overall UK winners for his story ‘Son of Dracula’! Lewis received a £25 National Book Token from Young Writers, as well as a book prize from school. 

Son of Dracula
By Lewis C
Whitby Abbey was an eerie sight on Halloween, jagged shadows cloaking the security guard completing his final check of graveyard. With every minute, the veil grew thinner, until the witching hour struck, and with it, the creature within.
Instantly, the man’s spirit was banished by Alucard, son of Dracula. His body was ripe for possession, a perfect disguise for Alucard to begin his vengeful mission. Painite, the world’s rarest gemstone, granted immunity to a vampire’s sole weakness: garlic. And it was hidden right here. Nobody suspected the security guard sneaking inside the Abbey to claim his prize. 
When Alucard touched it, unfathomable power rushed around the globe in a blood-red ring of energy. The long-awaited immunity to garlic coursed through his veins. Now, nobody could stop his ultimate plan: bringing his father back to life, spared from his only weakness. 
Just imagining the terror they would cause drove the villainous son back to the graveyard where his father waited. Finally, Alucard began to read aloud the spell he had been working on for millennia. 
“Those people who choose to sneer,
Shall be no more as my father is HERE!”
As lightning struck the coffin and Dracula rose from death, Alucard was overcome with emotion. He leapt to embrace his father, when a blade pierced stolen ribs. Dracula had stabbed him! 
Alucard’s soul drifted into his father’s form, bestowing their combined power upon the ancient vampire. Twice as powerful, and free from all weaknesses, the entire world was his to command.