Student Support

The academy has high expectations for all students and has strong and effective partnerships with families and the wider community including a range of support networks. De Warenne is committed to ensuring that every young person has the value and beliefs to lead full and healthy lives. Our students are given all the care and attention they need to achieve the best possible qualifications and be well-prepared for further study and the world of work. Students have the opportunity to lead and learn from each other, make sensible choices and make the most of their individual talents.

The provision of high-quality care and support for the welfare and well-being of your child is a major priority. Every student belongs to one of four houses (Beech, Holly, Oak and Willow). These are further divided into small groups of approximately 28 students from every years 7-9. Each group has a member of staff to provide strong individual support. Students have the opportunity to learn from each other, make sensible choices, work as part of a team and develop their life and learning skills. The academy has extensive links with a wide range of support services and agencies to ensure that all needs are met. If you have any concerns please contact your child’s Tutors or Learning Manager who will be delighted to help.

Code of Conduct

The academy has high standards of attitude and behaviour, which all students are expected to achieve:

  • Be tolerant and care for others
  • Be polite and respectful to everyone in our academy
  • Be responsible for their own behaviour
  • Have high levels of self-discipline
  • Set high targets in all areas of academy life
  • Be co-operative and work together with others
  • Trust other students and staff