Statutory Information

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Context Information 
Admission arrangementsJuly 2017 
16-19 Admission arrangementsJuly 2017 
Behaviour policy including exclusion arrangements April 2016
Ofsted reports  January 2017
Assessment information  
KS 4 July 2017
KS 5September 2016 
DfE Performance tables link April 2017
Curriculum overview January 2017
Behaviour policyApril 2016 
Anti-bullying strategySeptember 2016 
Pupil premium 
Pupil premium strategy July 2017
Pupil premium plan 
Pupil premium impact assessment 
SEN strategic plan and impact assessment 
Link to local offer  September 2016
Accessibility plan March 2017
Equality and diversity policy  December 2013
Academy equality objectives  September 2016
Academy annual assessment of impact of actions September 2016 
Complaints policy  September 2014
Whistleblowing policy January 2017
Financial and legal information  
Trust annual audited accounts, containing annual report Year Ending 31st August 2016
Trust Memorandum and Articles of Association September 2016
Trust governance information 
Trust attendance and interests information 
Trust Master Funding Agreement22/08/2014
Academy Supplementary Funding Agreement22/08/2014 
Education Advisory Body Information 
EAB membership and remit September 2016
EAB subcommittees membership and remit September 2016
EAB attendance and interest informationSeptember 2016 
Charging policy September 2016
Academy values, ethos and vision 


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