School of Rock comes to De Warenne Academy

5th June 2017

This July we are performing our biggest musical spectacular at De Warenne Academy, ‘The School of Rock’. This is a rare opportunity for a school to perform a show whilst it is still playing in London and on Broadway, and is thanks to an innovative package form Andrew Lloyd Webber. Rehearsals are now well under way for our two night run at the De Warenne Academy auditorium. Students have been working hard twice a week since January, learning a 100 page script, songs and dance routines. Students have said “This is going to be an amazing show, we are happy that big musicals are back at De Warenne, we can’t wait for you to see the show”. Mr Willis the director added “This is the biggest show De Warenne Academy has staged in a long time and we want the community to enjoy a show which has a light hearted feel, perfect for the end of the school year. We have invested heavily in a high tech sound and lighting system which will showcase the talents of the performers perfectly. I am extremely proud of the students and staff who have worked tirelessly to put this show together”. The show follows Dewey, a failed rock god, as he teaches rock to the kids of the Horrace Green School and ultimately the world. Mrs Hunt the musical director added “I am very pleased with how the pupils have come on, from the first day of rehearsals where everyone was a little shy to now where they sing at the top of their voices.” So don your rock gear and catch School of Rock the musical on Tuesday 11th July and Wednesday 12th July at 7pm. Tickets are on sale through the website at or from the main school office. 

You can view some of the photos from our rehearsals below.