Education Advisory Board







At De Warenne, we pride ourselves on providing a wide range of opportunities and experiences which allow young people to succeed and fulfil their potential. The academy is dedicated to its aim that every young person should achieve their full potential in every respect. We do not achieve this in isolation but work closely with local partner schools, parents and community groups to build a caring ethos which meets the needs of our learning community.

De Warenne Academy is committed to developing extensive resources to raise students' aspirations and to deliver a broad and varied curriculum. The EAB closely scrutinise the performance of the academy in order to raise achievment at De Warenne Academy. 

The safety and welfare of our students is of paramount importance. EAB will ensure that the appropriate systems are in place which will provide all students with a safe and secure learning environment that allows everyone to learn and be valued for their contribution.

We are a member of the DELTA Academies Trust through which we have access to a wide network of support and many opportunities for our staff and students. The DELTA ethos of ‘Together we are stronger’ enables us to develop partnerships within and beyond Doncaster. Our Doncaster Post-16 Academy offers an extensive range of courses to our sixth form students.